Fire, Mold & Water Restoration in Boca Raton, FL

Flood Damage on Ceiling

Disaster can strike at any time and the last thing in the world we want to worry about is having to clean up in the aftermath. Our families are the biggest priority, and once they are safe, it becomes the next step to figure out how to rebuild from the disaster that has affected our lives. Restore Experts, Inc. services Boca Raton, FL regarding disaster cleanup, flood restoration, hurricane damage cleanup, house fire restoration, bio hazard cleanup and so much more. Anything that you could need done to your home or property, Restore Experts, Inc. can help get you back up and running as good as new. Call us today at (954) 548-5613.

  • Bio Hazard Cleanup Are you looking for biohazard cleanup service, call Restore Experts today!
  • Carpet / Hardwood Floor Drying If your carpet or hardwood floors have been damaged by water, we can dry them out.
  • Dehumidifying Service We are able to get rid of excess moisture with our dehumidifying service.
  • Disaster Cleanup Disaster cleanup can be really overwhelming, which is why we offer disaster cleanup service.
  • Feces / Urine Cleanup If your pets have left your home smelling bad due to feces and urine, contact us for cleanup service!
  • Fire & Smoke Cleanup We are able to clean homes that have been damaged by fire and smoke.
  • Flood Restoration Get your home restored after a flood by calling our restoration experts.
  • Hoarding Cleanup If you have a loved one who has hoarded away a lot of items and you need them cleaned out, we can help.
  • House Fire Restoration To get your home restored after a fire, contact Restore Experts today.
  • Hurricane Damage Cleanup Has your property been damaged by a hurricane? Call us for hurricane damage cleanup service.
  • Mold Removal Our professional restoration technicians are able to remove mold for good.
  • Odor Removal Have pungent odors in your home that won’t go away. Contact us for odor removal.
  • Rodent Dropping Cleanup If rodents have been getting into your home or attic and leaving behind droppings, call us for rodent dropping cleanup.
  • Sewage Removal If your sewer has backed up and left your home covered in sewage, we can offer sewage removal service.
  • Standing Water Removal Get your standing water removed today by calling our technicians for help.
  • Structural Drying After a flood or even a fire, we can offer structural drying to avoid structural damage and mold growth.
  • Suicide Cleanup Service If a suicide has taken place in a property and it needs to be cleaned up, call us.
  • Water Damage Restoration Any property that has been damaged by water can call our technicians for water damage restoration.
  • Water Heater Cleanup In a situation where your water heater is leaking, we can clean up the water that is left behind.

Servicing Boca Raton and the surrounding area with fire, mold, and water restoration, Restore Experts, Inc. has been around for many years and hopes to be here for many more. We work with our customers to ensure that we always offer the best service possible. We provide detailed explanations of services and probable outcomes so you know just what’s going on with your home or business.

We cover much of FL with some of the fastest, safest and most reliable disaster recovering and restoration efforts. We know that recovering from something as serious as a hurricane, fire, or flood is already trying. That’s why we work to offer competitive pricing so that you can get back on your feet without having to break the bank.

Contact Restore Experts, Inc. at (954) 548-5613  today when you need fire, mold, and water restoration in Boca Raton, FL.

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Hot water tank leak for the apartment
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David Jubin
Flooded house
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David Jubin
We arrive to a mainline back up where solid sewage was coming out of the toilets in this apartment we are now pumping the sewage and cleaning a big mess do you modification and dry out will come later after we’re finished sanitizing
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