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Restore Experts’ Direct Insurance Billing – Out of Pocket Expenses Eliminated

Water Damage Repair and Cleanup

Restore Experts Is The Authorized Restoration Company By Most Major Insurance Companies to Deal Directly with YOUR Insurance Company concerning Damages and Claims associated with the Water Damage / Mold Claim. It also includes our Professional Team handling All necessary Paperwork and getting the Claim Filed on your behalf.

Water Damage Services

Restore Experts will bill your Insurance Company Directly for SERVICES PERFORMED on behalf of home owners water damage claim or flood insurance claim including water damage cleanup, flood cleanup, fire and smoke damage, mold removal and hurricane or storm damage repairs.

Water Damage Restoration

Peace of mind for you as a homeowner experiencing damages due to flood or mold because you have a professional water mediation company on your side fighting for all the monies due to you from your insurance claim. All this without Out Of Pocket Expense from you – We Get PAID when You Get PAID.

Reduced Stress & Help For All Insurance Claims By Restore Experts’ Profession Team Working For YOU and Only You – Not The Insurance Company. We Get You The Claim Reimbursement PAID to You from Your Insurance Company.